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Design and Development Capital

Start & Build is the investment arm of Cloud Castle Group.
Each year, we partner with a small number of talented founders to bring new mobile and web products to market.

2012 Investments

What is design and development capital?

We've been providing design and development services since 2008. Along the way we started trading services for equity in special opportunities. In 2012, we put more structure around this investment activity and introduced the Start & Build program.

Design & development capital is our form of angel investing. We invest our design and development resources into your business in exchange for equity. The structure of this investment is typically a convertible note with a valuation cap.

Our target investment is between $25,000 and $100,000

We're seeking opportunities for 2013

Start & Build is a great partner for founders that do not yet have technical team members. During the first year of our program, we demonstrated our ability to launch fully-featured, complete MVP products in partnership with non-technical founders.

If you would like to share an investment opportunity with us, please send an email to

  • 1 Design, develop and launch a complete MVP
  • 2 Recruit a tech lead to take the project forward
  • 3 Operate a live product and expand the user base
  • 4 Increase the valuation of your company


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